It could be argued that Nikita Khrushchev invented the viral video with his hilarious “Banging a Podium with a Shoe” routine in 1960. But since then Russia’s comedic reputation has been as cold as their Siberian winters (zing!). However a new comedic duo is trying to warm hearts throughout the former Soviet Union one YouTube hit at a time.

Bonya and Kuzmich usually only perform at weddings and corporate events around their hometown of Perm but they recently began making parody music videos. Their first target was “Hideaway” by the Canadian singer Kiesza. For those who aren’t familiar, here’s the original video.

In their parody, Bonya and Kuzmich gave the video a little rural Russian twist. And just like the original, they performed it in only one take.

Definitely the best Russian performance since Rocky IV. To see more Bonya and Kuzmich, you can check out their Vkontakte page (which is basically Russian facebook), at least until Vladimir Putin decides to ban comedy.