It’s time again to get your assassination on: there’s a new Hitman Elusive Target, and this one is tougher than any that’s come before.

For the next 48 hours, you can sign into the episodic Hitman to get access to the one-time special mission. Like the other Elusive Target missions, you only get one attempt—screw up or get killed, and you’ll never be able to try the mission again.

This weekend’s mission, which takes place in the Sapienza level, adds a new wrinkle to the Hitman formula. Already, Elusive Targets are different from other Hitman assassinations because you get less information for the job than in other missions: you have to identify the targets by sight, and you have to figure out where in each level they’re hanging out based on intelligence at the start of the run. But this weekend, your eyes might deceive you—the target is an identical twin, and you can only kill the right one. Kill the innocent twin and it’s game over.

The good news is, there’s a new free Hitman smartphone companion app that might help you figure out which twin is the evil one. It won’t help you be a super-stealthy assassin if you’re turning Elusive Target into a drinking game, though.