Photoshoots are cool, but they seem like such a hassle. You need a studio, or at the very least a nice location. You need professional lights as well as a high-quality camera. You usually need some people there to help out as well, operating the equipment and making sure the talent is happy and looking their best. Just getting everything put together and organized can be such a pain in the ass. That’s why Interview Magazine had such a genius idea.

They decided to scrap that whole annoying process and go with a much simpler concept. They just used their iPhones to FaceTime with some of the most famous and sexiest women on the planet for their latest September issue. We showed you Miley Cyrus’ bizarre shoot yesterday, but it looks like Miley isn’t the only one being featured in the issue. They got some other relatively notable names, I guess.

For starters, there’s this girl you may have heard of named Kim Kardashian.

September Selfie Cover of @interviewmag #InterviewGang

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Kissey face for @interviewmag #InterviewGang

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September issue of @interviewmag face timing with @mertalas #InterviewGang

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They also got this singer who you may know. If you don’t know who she is, you’ve definitely heard one or two of her songs. Her name is Madonna.

Madonna isn’t the only singer. There’s this one woman named Jennifer Lopez that’s involved as well. There’s a young girl named Selena Gomez who apparently sings as well.

They also got Victoria Beckham. You know, like from the Spice Girls. Everyone knows them.

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