This should come as a shock to absolutely no one, but Kim Kardashian now has her own emoji keyboard. That’s right, Kimojis are about to take over all of your texts. The woman who already consumes 98% of your attention and dominates popular culture has figured out a way to take it one step further and will soon have her own way of communicating. It’s like Kim will now have her very own language. It’s genius.

There are a slew of Kim-related pics that you can choose from. Obviously, her butt is prominently displayed in a couple of them. As are her hips and lips and even her hilariously ugly crying face. There are also a couple of eyebrow-raising ones, like a cup of lean, a plate of chicken and waffles, and a marijuana leaf. I guess she’s really trying to appeal to everyone.

I’ve actually been using a similar app that has a bunch of sports character (mostly football players) emojis called Sportsmanias, but I may have to switch over to using the Kimojis. You know, because one features Kim Kardashian’s butt and the other doesn’t. Seems like a logical choice, no?

The app was so popular that Kim actually broke Apple for a little while.

Kim’s been posting a bunch of teasers to her new emojis on Instagram lately, as well as a bunch of totally real and genuine conversations with her friends and family that definitely aren’t staged at all.


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Ok! We’re back! Everything is fixed! I’m so sorry guys! Thank you for being patient. Get KIMOJI now in the App Store!

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Also, what would a Kim Kardashian post be without at least a couple of pics of her?


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#Throwback to this Laker Game

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