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Kim Kardashian Has a Tweet For Anyone Who Complains About Mobile Gaming

Kim Kardashian Has a Tweet For Anyone Who Complains About Mobile Gaming:

If you didn’t already know about it, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is stupidly popular. The smartphone game has players creating a celeb and trying to become famous in Hollywood by doing things like dating famous people and visiting cool clubs.

It’s a game that’s doing so well, publisher Glu has been looking to replicate the model with other celebs like Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. And it’s the sort of game that draws the ire of the “hardcore” gaming community: it’s free-to-play, it’s light and fluffy, and it’s not made with 14-year-old boys in mind for its audience.

But if ever there was an argument to shut down gamers who rail about “casual” games like Kim Kardashian: Hollywood not being as “real” a game as, say, Call of Duty, Kim Kardashian herself made it on Twitter this week.

You could say that’s a pretty hard mic drop, especially since if $80 million is just Kardashian’s cut, you can bet the game is making a whole lot more than that, too. And for a point of comparison, consumers spent $605 million on all gaming products at retailers in January—so yeah, you could say the Kim Kardashian game is doing pretty well.

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