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Kim Kardashian Claims Her Daughter ‘Accidentally’ Posted A Sexy Pic Of Her on Instagram

Isn’t it just adorable when your kid takes your phone, finds a flattering picture of you from a decade ago where you’re wearing a nice bikini top, applies a filter, and posts it to your Instagram page totally by accident?

That’s what TOTALLY happened to Kim Kardashian. According to Kim’s side of the story (the only side of the story), her daughter North West was playing games on her phone when she posted this stunning #ThrowbackThursday of her mommy. Kim deleted the pic initially, but then decided to re-post it for all of her followers to see how proud she is of her daughter’s selection.

Isn’t it just precious and totally true and believable?

This reminds me of one of my favorite pictures on the Internet, where a girl’s dog posted a coincidentally nice selfie of her while they were wrestling for her phone. Oh, that silly dog. What are the odds??

My Dog Took This

Kim’s been extra busy this week. Not only did her daughter post this old pic of hers (yup, I said “EXTRA BUSY”), but her and her sisters offered up this stunning tribute to their mother. This goes right up there with “We Are The World”.

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