It’s been a busy week for Kim Kardashian, and its not even Friday yet. She started the week by posting a nude selfie that got the entire world up in arms. Then, as a response, she posted ANOTHER NUDE PIC just to really turn the knife in the back of the entire Internet. You may have thought that Kim has settled down and handed some limelight over to her sisters so that she can focus on being a mother of two… but NOPE. The Internet still totally belongs to her.

That’s why, it is with great pride that I bring you this news: Kim Kardashian is now on Snapchat. Her user name is, you guessed it; KimKardashian. If these pics are any indication of the type of pics she likes to take, then I certainly think she’s worth a follow. I give it max 15 more hours before she has the largest Snapchat following on the entire platform.

I’m on snapchat now! Add me- KimKardashian 🍑

A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

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