Kim Kardashian pretty much has an equally confusing number of bricks and roses thrown at her on a daily basis, but she always plows forward, usually atop a platform of fame she knows how to work to her adva While she’s usually promoting herself, her family and their arguably frivolous endeavors, it is especially refreshing to watch when Kardashian shines the spotlight on important issues.

Today, June 2nd, is “National Gun Violence Awareness Day,” and everyone is encouraged to wear the color orange (the color hunters in the woods wear as a form of protection). This #WearOrange initiative was started in memoriam of Hadiya Pendleton, a 15-year old Chicago high school student who was killed by gunfire in 2013, a week after she performed at President Obama’s 2nd inaugural parade.

Herself a victim of gun violence (held by gunpoint in October 2016), Kardashian has posted a letter to her website addressing the issue. In the letter, which you can read here, Kardashian highlights tragedies that occurred as a result of gun violence (Columbine, Virginia Tech, Newtown, Orlando). She reprimands Donald Trump for signing a bill revoking an Obama-recommended regulation and sounds genuinely exasperated at the need for stricter gun control. Kardashian writes, “There is such a disconnect between what the coutnry needs to protect our people and the laws taht are proposed and enacted.” She does not plea to do away with guns, but rather she is stating that there needs to be better restrictions to result in greater protection. In addition, she encourages people to come together, stating “I want to help build a safer future for my children, and I believe together we can find ways to do that while still protecting the rights of the American people.”

While Kardashian remains cautious – and diplomatic - in her plea, it seems genuine, and it’s obviously a positive that she’s using her fame and following to address an important topic that affects everyone.

Other notables have shown their support for the cause, including Barack Obama, Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, director/producer Lee Daniels (Star, Empire, Precious) actresses Julianne Moore, Amy Schumer, Elizabeth Banks, and Lena Dunham, and actor Ian Harding (Pretty Little Liars), amongst others.

I #WearOrange today for the 93 Americans killed and the hundreds injured by gun violence every day.

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To find more ways you can get involved, click here and here.