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Kim Kardashian’s Popularity Explained by Pornhub

Kim Kardashian’s Popularity Explained by Pornhub: Paper Magazine

Paper Magazine

It’s been almost two weeks since the Internet imploded after the release of pictures of Kim Kardashian’s ass, and society’s efforts to rebuild are worse than the those on The Walking Dead. She is one of the most followed social media personalities and also one of the most searched people in pornography, which is why the folks over at Pornhub released a series of graphs showing search results for “Kim Kardashian” after various famous moments. It’s like reading a history book that’s filled with information you actually want to know.


Search Results Surrounding ‘Paper’ Magazine Cover Reveal


Search Results Surrounding Kim Giving Birth vs. Kim’s Engagement Rumors


Search Results After Kim Announces Her Pregnancy


Search Results After Kim Divorces Kris Humphries


Search Results After Kim Marries Kris Humphries


Search Results After the Release of Kim’s Sextape


Joseph Misulonas is an editorial assistant for He can be found on Twitter at @jmisulonas.

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