1. Beauty and Brains

Despite being a rebellious punk babe while attending a Catholic prep school, Kimberly’s mohawk and black eyeliner didn’t stop her from earning good grades and National Debate trophies. Ultimately her badass attitude and confidence led her to University, where she graduated with honors.2. She speaks her mind

Kimberly started clashing with housemates when the topic of gay marriage came up. “I went to church with my sister, close to my house. We have a lot of friends who are gay and we walked in there and they were absolutely slating gay people,” explained Kimberly. “They’re in hell and all this sort of stuff and I just walked out…” she told her roommates. Catholic model Danielle McMahon told her that she only “goes by what the Pope says” and doesn’t believe the marriage of a same-sex couple is real. “The whole thing though is that marriage has to do with the government and it’s a piece of paper.” Snapped back Kimberly, “…that’s a certificate and they don’t have to be married in the Catholic Church (to get one.)”3. It’s all in the eyes

When she was named Cybergirl of June 2013, Kimberly described her sexuality as unconventional – she enjoys the company of both men and women with beautiful eyes. But looks aren’t everything. “My biggest turn-on is intelligence,” she says. “A partner should be creative and have a good wit.”4. She’ll kick your ass

Just because she’s open with her sexuality and body doesn’t mean that you have any right to treat her poorly. While studying at Oxford, Kimberly stood her ground and punched a prep boy in the face when he groped her from behind.5. She likes it all or nothing

Playboy may have been the first place she stripped for the camera, but Kimberly loves to get dolled up and hit the town in a gown the most. I feel sexiest when I am in a long, elegant dress.” She told us in her Facetime interview. “My recent shoot by amazing photographer Holly Randall with model Carlotta Champagne, called Immaculate Seduction, put me in a beautiful long, white dress. I do not like short dresses; I like ball gowns or lingerie. Nothing in between!”6. She’s the queen of #TuesdayTease pictures

Since the beginning, Kimberly Kisselovich has been one of the only girls to consistently make it to the site for the sexiest #TuesdayTease selfies. That penguin iPhone case must be a lucky charm!7. Modeling helps her be creative

Kimberly loves shooting with photographer extraordinaire Holly Randall, especially in the shoots where Holly let Kimberly’s inner creativity shine. “Naturally I never thought I was photogenic,” said Kimberly. “But when I stumbled into modeling a year ago I learned so much and I found it really artistic. As an artistic person, I found it as a really good outlet for me to express myself.”8. She’s one extreme babe

Not only is she easy on the eyes, she’s one hell of an adventurer. She’s up to try everything once and if she likes it, she’ll do it again and again. “I love snowboarding and scuba diving. I’m actually an open water certified scuba diver! I’m also a first degree black belt in Taekwondo.”9. A daring foodie

Like everything else in life, she won’t knock it until she’s tried it. “I’m always trying new food,” Kimberly told us on set. “I love Mexican, sushi, Russian… Pretty much anything that I can put in my mouth that’s different… hum, not anything [laughs] but anything new, I’ll pretty much try it. That sounds so bad!” 10. She’s doing her dissertation on Playboy

Yes, you read that right – she’s probably the first Playboy model to do this one. “I’m doing my MBA in England and I thought it would be a really good idea to do my dissertation on Playboy.” Kimberly told us on set of her shoot Instant Attraction, “I’ve been so involved that I thought it was a perfect opportunity to do it. I’ve been modeling and taking off my clothes for Playboy and now I’m reading up on Playboy and doing some work!”