Kimberly Phillips was never a fan of first dates. Nor does she care for Kindles or Nooks. She’s still gushing about her recent trip to Australia and is thinking about dressing up as Jessica Rabbit for Halloween. We caught up with Miss September 2009 on Wednesday to answer a few of the best questions fans submitted through Playboy’s Facebook page. Also, be sure to check out Kimberly’s latest Playmate Xtra pictorial with Miss July 2007 Tiffany Selby.

Thomas O'Leary: Did you do professional modeling before Playboy?Kimberly: *Never ever. My first time in front of a camera was with Steve Wayda at Studio West. I was a pre-school teacher before that. I worked in a toddler class for a year. *

Gene Garcia: How’s the year been treating you so far?Kimberly: **It’s been a great year! I traveled internationally for the first time. I went to Australia and that was awesome. It’s good. It’s like a new chapter. I keep growing up.**

Dennis Marhefka: At what age do you first remember looking inside a Playboy magazine? Did you know right away that it was something you wanted to do?Kimberly: **I don’t know exactly how old I was but I was younger than the double digits. I was a kid and I remember seeing it because I have two older brothers and my mom bought them a subscription when they reached their curious-weird stage. So instead of them having gross, nasty Penthouse posters on their walls my mom bought them Playboy so they had a classier, more respectable view of a woman’s body instead of the degrading stuff. But I always thought the Playmates were beautiful and that’s the image of a woman that stuck in my head. I guess I always aspired to that. I think when I was a teenager I said I would totally do Playboy but I never thought of it until I was in my early 20s.**

Josh Casper: What’s the fastest you [have gone] in a car or on a bike?

Kimberly: **My first car was a little Ford Probe and I remember driving down the empty freeway and maxing out my speedometer and ‘110’ was the last number I read. And I went past that. I was 18. I kind of felt the car get a little shaky and I slowed down. I don’t think they were meant to go that fast!**

Key-Air Scott: Can you describe your life in a six word sentence?Kimberly: *That’s hard! My life is an organized mess. I just try to stay positive. I think as long as you keep negative energy out of your life things will go the way they’re supposed to. It’s too tough to keep it to six words. The only thing that’s consistent is change and I embrace that. *

Ethan Baumgarn: What’s your favorite hobby?Kimberly: **I like to read. When I travel I love to read a book. I’m anti-Nook and Kindle. I love turning pages. I love the smell of a book. So reading is my favorite hobby.**

George Clark: If you had one song to describe a side of you no one knew about, what would it be?Kimberly: *Oh, that’s good! Maybe Lisa Loeb’s *Stay. That is a favorite song of mine, ever since I was a kid. It was the first music video I remember seeing. I don’t admit to a lot of people that I’m a Lisa Loeb fan. She’s my guilty pleasure.**

Jose Gonzales: **Seeing that Mila Kunis has agreed to go on a blind date with a service member, would you ever do the same?Kimberly: You know what, I love that story, I just saw the video a few days ago. I couldn’t go on a date with a service man because I’m in a relationship. But I think that’s a great story. I love my country. I’d go to a Marine Corps. ball. **

Mike Willis: What CD is in your car stereo right now?Kimberly: **It’s a mix. It’s a burned CD. Totally random stuff that ranges from the Rolling Stones to Bob Marley.**

Marcos Aburto: What’s your favorite kind of food?Kimberly: *All kinds of food. It totally depends on my mood. I love all food. *

Brady Isaac Galarneau: How has Playboy changed your life?Kimberly: **It’s given me a life. It’s helped me become more independent and give me opportunities I would have never, ever had. I moved to L.A., it gave courage, it’s awesome. The best thing I ever did.**

Ameya Meshram: Who’s your favorite sex icon?Kimberly: *Jessica Rabbit—I want to be her for Halloween. I want to dress up as Roger and Jessica Rabbit. I think that would be the hottest, cutest little pair. *“I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way.” It’s just like a Playmate!**

David Kerr: What are you plans for the future i.e. acting, modeling or something completely different?Kimberly: **I’m kind of figuring that out right now. I live in the moment. But there’s a lot I want to do. I want to get my pilot’s license, I want to see the world and I want to finish college. I’ll see where that takes me.**

Tony Brummett: What’s your idea of the perfect first date, to get to know someone?Kimberly: **You know, I don’t think I’m a fan of first dates. I think they’re awkward and there’s a lot of pressure, if you give it that label. I think the best way to get to know somebody is to hang out with them in a group setting and a social setting and see if you get along. You can’t get to really know someone until you see them with other people because then you can tell if the way they are towards you is genuine.**

Shahbaz Khan: What [are you] feeling when you are getting naked?Kimberly: *I’m really just worried about the shape of my body when I’m getting naked in front of a camera. You’ve got to to tuck your tummy, stand up straight, give the right curves on your back. Your body is a form of expression and you can’t just stand there. You’ve got to move and make sure there’s good flow. That’s what I’m worried about. *

Ed Miller: If you could pick three places in the world to do a photo shoot where would they be and why?Kimberly: *Let’s see: the beaches in Perth, Australia, because that’s the first place I went to overseas and Perth was beautiful. In my house because, why not? I’ve got some cool furniture. And somewhere tropical with a waterfall. That would be cool. *

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