Before this season of Game of Thrones began, we were promised a clash that would “make the internet melt.” Six episodes in, and we’ve definitely seen our fair share of things melt—human beings, namely—but none of them have been the internet.

Last week’s battle beyond the wall was definitely thrilling and episode four’s Loot Train Attack will go down as one of the best action sequences in the show’s history. But where’s our Red Wedding moment? When will we feel that same pit of emptiness in our stomachs that we felt when Ned Stark lost his head? While still enthralling, maddening and provocative in all the ways this show can be, this season has lacked that ‘holy shit’ moment that we’ve come to expect.

That brings us to Sunday’s season finale. Will any one of its 80 minutes contain the “face-melting” clash we were promised? And if so, who will it involve? Our immediate instinct is to go with the long-rumored Cleganebowl, which would pit The Hound against Ser Gregor Clegane’s faceless super-knight in a battle to the death. And while that would be a more than welcome bit of fan service, it would probably just dent the internet instead of break it.

Or, maybe we’ll see a Dragonpit duel between Jon Snow and Jamie Lannister, two of Westeros’ most gifted swordsman. But with Jamie only operating at half capacity (losing a hand will do that to a guy) this one would be as fair a fight as Mayweather vs McGregor.

That leaves us with a third, and most likely scenario. Sunday’s season finale could give us the moment we’ve all been waiting for, when Jon and Dany finally lock lips. Given the episode’s title, “The Dragon and The Wolf,” our two heroes are going to figure heavily in the night’s proceedings. And based on the online reaction to a recently resurfaced photo shoot that features Kit Harrington and Emilia Clarke fully making out, this would be the moment that sends the internet into a frenzy.

The photos in question are from a 2012 Rolling Stone shoot, which means they were taken long before the idea of a Jon and Dany romance was within the realm of possibility. But that was then. From the moment they met earlier this season, the sexual tension between the two has been palpable and growing. It culminated last week, when Dany found herself at Jon’s bedside, looking longingly at the King of the North as he pledged his allegiance to her. If that isn’t a recipe for romantic heat, we don’t know what is. But it looks like David Benioff and D.B. Weiss decided to save the money shot for the finale, when aunt and nephew finally decide to make our wildest dreams come true, incest be damned.