KitchenAid is mostly known for its $5 drip coffee makers that seem to last forever. In an effort to increase its countertop cred, the company now is entering into the craft brew sector. (We recently saw mainstream cider companies attempt the same thing by introducing craft, barrel-aged ciders.)

KitchenAid’s new Siphon Coffee Brewer uses a vacuum to make coffee. In this hourglass-shaped model, you add water to the pot on the bottom and add grounds to the globe on top. A tube and filter connect the two. A heating element underneath the whole contraption warms the water, and as it nears boiling, the pressure inside the machine violently forces the water in the pot up into the globe, where it mixes with the coffee grounds. After it brews and cools, the pressure decreases and the coffee drips back down into the pot for easy pouring.

The 8-cup machine will be available in June for $250. That’s $100 cheaper than the equally elegant automatic Chemex brewer.

(via CoolMaterial)

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