Many masterpieces go relatively unnoticed for years: The Night of the Hunter, Raging Bull, The Big Lebowski, 2001 A Space Odyssey, and Bulldog puppy kissing the baby. Some however, are so brilliant they capture the imagination and hearts of an audience overnight. 

Critically beloved and extremely popular, the short film Cute munchkin baby kitten talks too much is one such work of art. 

First uploaded in 2011 by Kepa Uz Sirds TV, a Latvian TV program, and directed by an unknown auteur we shall henceforth call Sir Kepa, the film is primarily a showcase for its eponymous star, Cute Munchkin Baby Kitten. Indeed the world of kitty and puppy short cinema would forever change after this masterpiece hit the world wide web. 

Although the brilliant title of the film sets up the story to be that of a cute munchkin baby kitten who talks too much, the aggressive opinion of the title belies the angst, passion, and call to arms of the cute baby munchkin kitten’s anthemic cries. This kitten does not talk too much, indeed, it talks too little! 


Behold the opening of the film, a close up shot of Cute Munchkin Baby Kitten, who immediately looks at the camera, shattering the 4th wall and welcoming us to join the main character on its journey. By staring right at the viewer, the kitten and director are asking us to form our own opinion about whether or not this character meows an appropriate amount of times. It’s also a great shot because the kitten is so fucking cute. Look at it. Jesus Christ. 

In the background we see a scratch post, telling the viewer this kitten has moved on from idly scratching its life away. It is ready to be heard, and ready to reach a level of cuteness not seen since the groundbreaking Cat Mom Hugs Baby Kitten.   


Only seconds into the film we hear the first cry or “talk" of the cute munchkin baby kitten, and it’s beautiful. A high pitched call of the feline Sirens, this kitten challenges us to stare away, and we cannot.  

Notice the protagonist stands in front of the four mysterious ensocked feet. Are they friend or foe? The answer is simple: foe. Representing those who belittle the cultural necessity of cute puppy and kitty short cinematic feature, the ensocked devils are there to show us that only evil would ignore the cries of such a goddamn cute kitten, with all that soft, cuddly fur, and a face so scrumptious you could end wars with it. 


In a brilliant piece of direction by Sir Kepa, the camera begins to pull away, but the cute baby munchkin kitten has not yet finished its monologue. It pursues the camera, which is not only cute because it doesn’t want to be alone, but also reveals the true munchkin-ness of its tiny, itty-bitty legs. Plus it’s still meowing those tiny little meows. A true pinnacle of cinematic cuteness. 


Here we see the introduction of uglier cats, revealing the director’s wish to show us that the world is not all adorable, while simultaneously providing a strong contrast that shows us the cute baby munchkin kitten truly is one of the cutest little buttons I’ve ever seen, holy shit. 


The darkest part of the film, when a giant, evil overlord overtakes our hero. Much like when Han Solo is encased in carbonite, the protagonist has disappeared, drowned out by terror and filth. Horrifying times. Not cute, but the departure will make us appreciate future cuteness all the more. 


Triumph. The menace has left. This close-up shows the pride in the kitten’s eyes, plus he’s so fucking cute I want to make pillows out of him. About to embark on an aria of calls, the cute baby munchkin kitten has faced adversity and responded with grace and the sweetest teeny weeny face I could just gobble it up like a cute breakfast burrito. 


The first turn from the camera between cries. A wonderful action to imply independence and more cuteness. Powerful, understated, so adorable. Look at that stout little body. He’s like a wittle travel size kitten, a fun-size candy bar, so sweet and tiny. I want to cry he’s so cute. 


After facing the dark cat menace, the cute baby munchkin kitten turns to face its overlord detractors. “I’m cute! Do you not see my cuteness!“ he cries, with the gravitas of James Dean begging for his father to understand him in Rebel Without A Cause, only cuter and more stuffed-animal like. 


The classic Jurassic Park T-Rex-in-the-visitor-center shot. "I once ruled the world with my cuteness,” the cute baby munchkin kitten cries, determined to do so again. 


The Final Shot. Notice the cute baby munchkin kitten, surrounded in a white glow. Christlike, only cuter than Jesus could ever have hoped to be. Jesus never had a wittle itty-bitty tail like that, did he? Or tiny legs and precious little ears. The kitten sits, ready to pounce or cry again. So cute. So fucking cute.


Zack is an actor and writer based in New York City. Follow @bigzackpoitras on Twitter.