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Weed Chocolate Is the New Way to Consume Your THC

Weed Chocolate Is the New Way to Consume Your THC: Fast Company

Fast Company

Pot smokers rejoice—there is another edible on the market coming out of Cali, and its not another soggy brownie or weird truffle. Weed chocolate is a new way to consume your daily THC, and Kiva Confections is the intoxicated brain behind it. They have developed three products that are made to give you the perfect high—Kiva Bars, Kiva Minis and Kiva Terra Bites. Sounds like products you would find in a Whole Food’s aisle, but ones that Jeff Spicoli would approve of.

Kiva’s bread and butter are there Kiva Bars—a simple candy bar with milk and dark chocolate that will get you extremely high.They comes in six potent flavors: dark chocolate, milk chocolate, tangerine dark chocolate, blackberry dark chocolate, vanilla chai milk chocolate and mint Irish crème chocolate. But you should lean toward eating the blackberry chocolate bar—packed with 180 mg of pure THC, it was the winner of “Best Edible” by the San Francisco High Times and the LA High Times in 2013.



These bite-sized treats of heaven come in packets of 15-45 mg of THC. They are the way to go for any occasion you need to be intoxicated at in order to make it through alive (horrible double dates and family reunions included). And if you aren’t looking to get completely blasted, the individually wrapped chocolates provide a good amount of high without taking you into another universe.



Cleverly packaged and named, the Terra Bites are made from micro-roasted Tanzanian coffee beans and then coated in dark chocolate. Each bite of chocolate contains 5 mg of THC and the tin has a total of 120 mg of THC. For The Fray concert your girlfriend is trying to drag you to, this is edible to make your pain go away.

Thank you Kiva, for this genius gift.

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