You may be old enough to remember video game company Tecmo, the masterminds behind the 1987 football game Tecmo Bowl. If not, do yourself a favor and look it up and then invite some friends over. After they created the best football video game ever, Tecmo sort of disappeared after being absorbed by fellow gaming company Koei, and were basically reduced to a credit screen on a videogame you’re probably not playing.

Well, Koei Tecmo (that’s what they’re called now) just announced a new virtual reality experience that promises to take VR to its natural conclusion: a full 5-sense machine they’re calling Sense.

Sense will stimulate all five of your senses, including 3D visuals, smell, touch, wind, temperature and even moisture. They promise a compact enclosure that can be moved from location to location - handy for arcade owners. The five senses promise to create a sense of realism, produce “unexpected surprise”, enable a sense of space and even allow the player to experience changes in environment and climate. Yes, it’s kind of crazy.

As for what experiences you’ll be, uh, experiencing, launch titles include GI Jocky (a horse-racing simulation), Dynasty Warriors (a field-of-battle experience based on a popular videogame franchise) and something simply titled Horror that, based on a single screen shot, looks like a Resident Evil creeper.

If you want to experience Sense, chances are you’ll need to head to an arcade in Japan, at least when it comes out this summer. Here’s hoping it hits our shores and adds some excitement to date night at an arcade we don’t have to fly to get to.