In God of War, protagonist Kratos was a former Spartan soldier who killed basically every mythological creature or person in Ancient Greece, more or less because he was very, very mad.

With nobody left to murder in the Mediterranean, it seems that Kratos has headed north to become a Viking. He’s also started a new family, or at the very least, has a Viking son. And that’s the focus of the demo showed off at the Sony press conference at E3 2016 in Los Angeles: Kratos tries to be a dad, without going all super kill-ragey on his boy.

The demo starts with the father-son fun of trying to hunt and kill a deer, but quickly turns into the kind of stuff you’d expect from a God of War game — first, fighting human-size zombie folks, and later, fighting giant-size monster people. Bearded dad Kratos still wrecks everything he comes across, but now he gets to do it with the help of a 10-year-old.

Meanwhile, we don’t know anything more about the game other than its apparent Norse setting and the fact that it’s just called God of War, instead of God of War: Some Number, as would fit most of the rest of the series. It’s a sequel, but it looks a bit like a reboot.