Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf have been making their unique mark on dance music since 2007. Better known as Krewella, the sisters are a staple act at almost every big name dance festival, drawing in devoted fans from all over the world.

And talk about female power — they are singers, songwriters, producers and their own creative directors. They work diligently to ensure Krewella accurately represents who they are as artists and creators. Even though they are busy flying around the country finishing out summer shows, they invited us to hang with them for the day. Shot by photographer Bukunmi Grace, the shoot shows off just how carefree Krewella really is (especially when they get their own cake.)

This is ahead of their already sold out fall Sweatbox Tour, where the girls will be playing at intimate rock venues with their live band. This is, of course, followed by a late night DJ set in every city’s biggest nightclub. Because if there is one thing Krewella knows how to do, it’s how to throw an epic after party.

“We grew up on everything from Bollywood music, to the Cure, to the Beatles, to some hardcore pop stuff like Britney Spears. Everything you could imagine we grew up on, and all of those blended together and made us who we are.”

“We’re always trying to grow and evolve, and never be the people or the artists we were last week or even last month.”

Photographer: Bukunmi Grace
Production assistant: Gleveen McBeth
Hair Stylist: Edith Beltran
Makeup: Francie Tomalonis Wardrobe Stylist: Bukunmi Grace
Videographer: Eric Longden
Photo Assistant: Zenani Che