What’s the best way to sell a very expensive handbag? Well, if you’re Chanel, just recruit one of the biggest actresses on the planet, and get her to dance like no one’s watching for just over a minute. Film it as cinematically as possible, with big, swooping camera movements, and set it to a frenetic rock anthem.

That’s the gist of the fashion house’s brand new campaign for its upcoming Gabrielle bag. Directed by Daniel Askill, the ultra-short film features Kristen Stewart doing her best Maddie Ziegler impression, as she bounces around an empty loft with the same kind of boundless energy that makes her one of our most exciting young actresses.

According to Stewart, her interpretive dance was an attempt to capture the essence of the brand’s legendary founder, Coco Chanel, whose birth name was Gabrielle. “There’s something eerie about the film, but it’s ultimately exuberant,” Stewart explained in a statement. “It leads me to her name, Gabrielle, scrawled on the window, it’s like affirmation, I’ve been validated. It almost represents the first glimpse Gabrielle allows me to have of her, and I get happy.”

“What we landed on was ultimately the search for Gabrielle’s spirit, and the sort of fight that you can have with the idea of someone disappearing,” added Askill. The film is the first in a series that will feature Stewart’s fellow campaign stars Cara Delevingne, Pharell Williams, and Caroline de Maigret.

Watch Stewart dance, dance, dance, above.