There are lots of great Bluetooth speakers on the market right now. Some tout their superior sound quality. Others boast an elegant design. The new Kube checks both boxes and keeps your beer cold. Boom!

Revealed at the CES trade show in Las Vegas yesterday, the Kube has Polk Audio marine speakers that are capable of putting out clean sound at up to 100 decibels and a 33-quart cooler all packaged into a sleek, water-resistant design.

The range on the Bluetooth is 50 feet so you will be able to do your best Diplo impression at a pool party or BBQ without looking like the guy who’s hovering over the booze. Although, with its $1,099 price tag, you won’t want to keep the Kube out of sight for too long.

The cooler has LED lights to make it easier to find your favorite adult beverage and a drain in the back panel so that you can pour out excess liquids easily.

The Kube is currently available for preorder on and should start shipping later this summer.

h/t Mashable

Justin Tejada is a writer and editor based in New York City. Follow him on Twitter at @just_tejada.