There have been a lot of good Kanye weeks, but this might have been the best one. I mean, sure, he of course told everyone that he’s the most special whatever of eternity and such yet again, but, I mean, come on, Kanye West declaring himself the greatest artist of all time is old hat. That’s like a catchphrase for him now. It doesn’t even register as anything beyond an attention grab at this point. It’s like Kramer swinging open Jerry’s door on Seinfeld reruns. It’s just some hokey predictable gag we have to sit through to get to the damn joke.

Ignoring the squid-eyed boisterous-bum-on-the-block tone of his continual lunatic rants on Twitter (that he has to catalog by numbered points himself, because the Library of Congress is too busy or something), Kanye is really going for it now, somehow seeming more out there with his all-caps Twitter tirades as of late than B.o.B.’s tweetfest about the Earth being flat.

In one week, Kanye West changed his album title yet again and released it with a cover that looks like it’s from a mid-90s alt-rock critics’ darling, claimed he’s $53 million in personal debt, released a song musing on maybe still having sex with Taylor Swift who he called a bitch while citing himself as the reason she’s in famous in the first place, hyped Mark Zuckerberg investing “1 billion dollars into Kanye West ideas”, and now, because Kanye blesses us always, he rounded it all out freestyling against Kyle Mooney.

Mooney, beloved Saturday Night Live treasure and patron saint of awkward-to-the-bone wandering-stare avoidance, “challenged” this week’s musical guest Kanye West to what can only be celebrated as a rap battle for the ages. Mooney stutter-rhymes at Yeezy out of nowhere, following a brief 8 Mile back story, only to be on the receiving end of a Kanye flow about Kanye’s flow (and he won’t give you that money that you askin’ fo’), with Kanye in tie-dye and Mooney in what, at first glance, looks akin to a sparkling Rockettes uniform. Actually, here, Mooney’s attire can only be described as the starry-eyed movie character that’s assistant to the understudy of a famous composer who ultimately has to go on stage and perform, since the other two are out with food poisoning.

The winner of the televised rap battle is debatable. Kanye’s got the fury, but Mooney’s got the rest-assured confidence.