People like to pretend they’re tired of the Kardashians. “Enough of this family,” they always say. But there’s a reason why people keep bringing them up: they keep doing stuff worth talking about. Since Kim recently had her second child, she’ll probably be avoiding the spotlight for a little while. That means someone else has to step up.

Well, it looks like that’s going to be Kylie. The youngest daughter of the Kardashian/Jenner clan recently released a very steamy video on her website, If you’re not like us and aren’t a subscriber to her website, you won’t be able to view the video. But we’ve taken some screenshots we think you’ll enjoy.

And, of course, the famous Kardashian behind:

Ok, we found a different website that embedded the video. But we’d still suggest you head to her website to see whatever other sexy secrets she has for her fans.

Call me crazy, but I think Kylie’s at the top of the Kardashian pyramid right now.

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