Kylie Jenner has reached the arbitrary legal age of 18. Let the games begin.

Now that it’s not illegal to gawk over the youngest Kardiashiklan member, you can bet your bottom dollar that every single media outlet on the Interwebs will be flocking to every single move she makes. Kylie gets a pet? TOP STORY. Kylie wears a purple bikini? TOP STORY. Kylie has a burrito for lunch? TOP STORY. Kylie went to the dentist and it turns out she has a cavity? FULL WEEK-LONG FEATURE. They’d probably even call it something stupid like “Cavitygate.” Ah, my journalism degree is rolling in its bottom drawer.


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You know what’s stupid? The fact that tomorrow, Kim or Khloe or Kendall (probably not Kourtney, but don’t rule out the parents) will do something equally as regular and it’ll be front-page news as well. And you know what’s REALLY stupid? Hundreds of thousands… no, millions of people will click on it. Here’s Kylie Jenner, who has now been on this earth for 18 years, which is 6575 days, and can now be legally gawked at by the masses without it being weird, wearing a bikini while on vacation with some of her friends.


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My lil babies

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