What’s the best way to sell cosmetics? Why, by wearing a skin tight dress and prancing around on your kitchen counters, of course! I mean, that must be the best way because it certainly does work for Kylie Jenner. Rather than take out ads in magazines or pay absurd prices for billboards, all Kylie needs to do is throw on a sexy outfit and get a little wild. The people will flock to it!

I don’t really know anything about cosmetics or lip kit lines, but according to my girlfriend, Kylie’s stuff sells out faster than Johnny Damon joining the Yankees (an underrated sellout move, for all intents and purposes).

Here’s Kylie doing her thing, being a business woman and a mogul, and dancing around in a skin-tight dress because that’s what we all want.

KRISTEN. I fell in love with this beautiful strawberry matte! Launching July 20th @ 3pm. #newshadealert #SummerSurprises

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