There are some inevitabilities in life, like death, taxes, and Kylie Jenner gradually turning herself into a living doll. While the merits of such an achievement are open to debate, Jenner has definitely nailed Barbie’s aesthetic in her latest shoot for Hollywood-based Flaunt Magazine. Smoothly airbrushed skin, heapings of hot pink, possibly synthetic long blonde locks: Photographed by Brendan Forbes and dressed by Jill Jacobs for “The Cadence Issue,” Jenner nails looking like a particularly sexed-up version of the iconic and controversial Mattel toy, while the swim shots could very well have been taken at Barbie’s Malibu Dreamhouse.

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life in plastic it’s fantastic 😛

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barbie world 🎀

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Whether this is unsubtle satire, sly social commentary with a knowing wink, or just Jenner being dead-serious (it’s probably a combination of the three), Kylie is still very much being Kylie, requisite posterior shots included.

Jenner’s not the only one to emulate Barbie. One couple paid a fortune to become plasticized. Ukraine’s Valeria Lukyanova, often referred to as “The Human Barbie,” made a career off the similarity before slowly switching it up. The Barbi twins, twin sisters Shane and Sia Barbi, who appeared in Playboy’s January 1993 issue, made a whole career out of it, while an elite few, Gigi Hadid among them, have been honored with dolls created in their image by the toymaker. And, of course, Kardashian frenemy Paris Hilton has been doing it for years.

In case you want some inspiration or just want to get a really annoying song stuck in your head, here’s the quintessential plastic anthem from one-hit Danish wonder, released 20 years ago.