It’s been a few months now that Kylie Jenner has been the official spokesperson for Puma, and if these new images are any indication, I’d say the brand is getting its money’s worth. (Puma also nabbed The Weeknd and Rihanna to add to their growing roster of big time influencers.) If you recall, it was somewhat of a controversy when the youngest Jenner signed with Puma. She was “going against the family,” as some put it, by not endorsing Kanye’s favorite brand, Adidas. Jenner had even walked in Kanye’s Adidas-backed fashion show on multiple occassions, but she chose to go with Puma because it “just made more sense as a business decision.” Make of that what you will.

According to reports, Jenner signed with Puma before the summer to be their spokesperson and brand embassador to the tune of $1 million. That’s quite a pretty penny, and it came just before Caitlyn Jenner signed on to represent H&M Sport.

Yesterday, Kylie took to Instagram to show off some Puma products like only she can. Check out the clip below and find more Puma pics here.

Slay. Fierce KRM. Now exclusively available at @FootlockerEU. Launching wide on November 3rd.

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