The Kardashians are known for starting conversation. Whether it’s Kim for her antics with Kanye West, Kourtney for all the drama with her husband (or ex-husband? I don’t know, I don’t watch the show) or Kris because she might be one of the biggest egomaniacs in the world. But usually the conversation revolves around the question of, “What the hell is this family doing?”

Kylie Jenner started a different kind of conversation for us around the office today. She just posted an Instagram pic and video wearing a tight red dress. This led to a debate over the material of said dress. I initially said it was leather. But one member of our social media team said it was latex. We ended up asking a third person who said it was either latex or vinyl. Clearly I’m not the most fashion forward person in the world. Anyways, here are the pics of Kylie in a red latex or possibly vinyl dress.

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It should be mentioned that Kylie was clearly feeling red all day yesterday, because earlier in the day she posted a pic wearing a red bra.

Could this be a new lip kit color? ;) @kyliecosmetics

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It must be nice to have a reality TV show and get a million likes on any photo you post.

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On a related note, American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson airs tonight and there’s supposedly a scene where the older Kardashian girls (as children) get super excited that their names are on television. The Hollywood Reporter in their review says the show seems to indicate this is when the Kardashians got their first taste of fame, a taste that wouldn’t be fulfilled again until Kim’s sex tape came out. So, what we’re saying is you should watch this show even if John Travolta turns out to be totally weird in it.

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