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The most common knock against Kylie Jenner is that she doesn’t deserve her success because she doesn’t have any real marketable skills. She was born into wealth and she’s rewarded for living a plastic life with no real substance. Okay, so maybe there’s more than one knock.

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But on Tuesday, Jenner’s many roles—reality star, cosmetics entrepreneur, social media maven—all coalesced into one: mogul. At just 19–years-old, Jenner became the youngest person on this year’s Forbes Celebrity 100 list, coming in at number 59 with an annual income of $41 million.

To help put that into perspective, Jenner earned just $4.5 million less than her sister Kim Kardashian, who came in at number 47 with $45.5 million in earnings. Kim has been building her empire since 2007, when Kylie was just 10-years-old.

In the span of a decade, Jenner has closed the gap between her and Kim at such a breathless rate, that at this time next year, Kylie eclipsing Kim to become the highest earning member of the Kardashian-Jenners isn’t entirely out of the question.

The one person who’s not shocked by Jenner’s remarkable success is Jenner herself. She woke up Tuesday morning and issued a pretty nonplussed tweet after learning the news, as though she was trying to convince us that she was genuinely excited. “wow woke up the youngest entry on the Forbes 100 list,” she wrote. NBD.

And why should she be surprised? While the rest of the world questioned how a teenager whose primary skill is knowing her angles could become so independently wealthy, Jenner was busy building an empire. Kylie Cosmetics, which include her flagship Lip Kits, sell out at breakneck speeds, while her games, apps and clothing lines are almost just as popular.

Say what you want about Kylie, but no one just stumbles into this kind of success. It takes a rare combination of confidence, self-awareness and cunning that Jenner clearly has in spades. We’ll get a closer look at how Jenner became one of the wealthiest teenagers on the planet when her new reality show Life of Kyle debuts in August.