Apparently Los Angeles is a bit over the music festival scene it’s been perpetuating since the early 90s.

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved on Tuesday to reinstate a task force that’s soul purpose is to make EDM festivals safer, which yeah actually just might mean banning them from L.A. entirely.

Composed of reps from L.A.’s county counsel, sheriff’s department, public health, health services and the fire department, the task force does have the power to ban EDM/dance festivals from the county, which is an option still being explored. According to documents obtained by Billboard, “The task force will develop recommendations for enforceable health and safety measures and procedures, that would be required for all electronic music festivals on county-owned property.”

Recent drug-related deaths in August of two teens at L.A festival Hard Summer sparked renewing the task force once again. It was originally created in 2010 after a 15-year-old died at EDC. L.A. County Mayor Michael Antonovich, for the record, also added, “They should be alcohol-free; no drugs allowed.”

I guess I must have somehow missed the “Drugs are Totally OK to bring in/do” signs at the last festival I went to.

Via Rolling Stone

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