Our Playmate of the year 2017, Brook Power, stars in the music video for LA Qoolside’s new song ‘Sad Gurl.’ Qoolside is a droney rock group that sounds like the love child of Radiohead and Patti Smith, if it was raised by The Stooges. In short, they know how to make a song. Apparently, they also know how to make a great music video. Their previous video 'Make it Boom’, was also directed by the group.

Qoolside tells us that “Sad Girl” is about being at war with your inner self.

“Sad Girl is a song that is inspired by the inner workings and self destructive nature of one’s own mind. Sad Gurl melodically touches on coping mechanisms, the metaphorical security blanket and learning to suck on one’s own thumb. Essentially we all need to think, 'Check yo'self, before you wreck yo'self.’”

Check yo’ self indeed. Also be sure to check out the song 'Sad Gurl,’ above or on Spotify. Follow Qoolside on Twitter,Instagram and Facebook here.