Via Flickr user [Kabsik Park](

Via Flickr user Kabsik Park

Dutch scientists hope to offer lab-grown meat to consumers within the next five years, according to the BBC. This means the New World Order will be mandating its consumption by 2030. #FalseFlag

Using cow stem-cells, Professor Mark Post of Maastricht University developed a prototype of the synthetic burger two years ago. While it received relatively positive reviews at a competition in London, it ended up costing roughly $332,000 to produce. Not exactly ¢99 Cent Menu material, now is it?

However, Post and others involved in the process believe they’ll be able to greatly improve the flavor and texture of the product while also dramatically reducing its price.

“I am confident that we will have it on the market in five years,” Post said.

Peter Verstrate, the head of the firm developing the meat, was also optimistic.

“I feel extremely excited about the prospect of this product being on sale,” Verstrate said. “And I am confident that when it is offered as an alternative to meat that increasing numbers of people will find it hard not to buy our product for ethical reasons.”

Ethical reasons? Something tells me that your average Old Country Buffet patron isn’t too worried about the ethical implications of all-you-can-eat pork anus. But if this lab-grown meat cuts the buffet price from $13.79 to $9.99, that will be hard to ignore.

(Source: BBC)