People with abnormal penises or no penises at all may soon be able to have a brand new penis grown from their very own cells.

Wild, right?

According to The Guardian, scientists are just about ready to start human male testing on lab-grown dicks.

The penises would be grown using a man’s own cells, so as to avoid the risk of immunological rejection that comes with organ transplantation from another person. They would take four to six weeks to grow.

“Our target is to get the organs into patients with injuries or congenital abnormalities,” said Professor Anthony Atala, director of the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine. The institute’s work is funded by the US Armed Forces, who hope for a day when they can help soldiers who sustain battlefield injuries to the crotchal region.

The process for making a penis is pretty weird. For the structure, a donor penis is washed in a detergent to remove the donor’s cells. Two weeks later, a collagen scaffold of the penis is left, onto which the patients’ cells are carefully placed.

To get going with human testing, the institute needs FDA approval, which it hopes to garner within five years.

No word yet on whether patients will be allowed to dictate the size of their brand new purple-headed yogurt-slinger.