Lady Gaga is known to be a little bit eccentric. And by “a little bit eccentric,” we mean she’s done some of the strangest things ever done. She wore a fucking meat dress to an award show for crying out loud! That’s weird.

Gaga hasn’t been making as many headlines as she did back in her “Bad Romance” days. Well, that might hcange. V Magazine announced they were letting the pop star guest edit and issue of the magazine. And while that means there will be a lot of bizarre photos in the issue (some of which you can view on her Instagram), the highlight is a spread she did with her boyfriend, Taylor Kinney.

Gaga and Kinney got naked for the cover of the magazine. In the article, the two take part in “adult finger painting.” The goal of the adult finger painting is to “make love for the world,” which sounds perfect to our ears!

Here’s a look at the cover and a picture of the two possibly engaging in this artform.

V Magazine

V Magazine

And here’s the picture they created with their love or whatever:

Looks just like a Jackson Pollock to us.

You can see the full article accompanying the pictures as well as more content from Gaga’s guest editor gig over at *V Magazine.

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