If you thought the Ferrari F12berlinetta we brought you last week was cool, then let us introduce you to Lamgorghini’s one-of-a-kind Aventatdor J sports dream launched last month in Geneva. Promoted as a the Italian stallion’s most uncompromising open sports car ever, the J stole the the show with its musuclar design, radical power, and a presence that is just too hard to ignore.

While the Aventatdor J is tech-spec based on the namesake Aventatdor LP 700-4 model that has been making the rounds as part of Lamborghini’s production line since 2011; the designers from Sant'Agata Bolognese have truly outdone themselves when conceptualizing a bold new exterior design that breaks so many auto boundaries. This is highly evident with the J’s lack of both roof and windshield, therefore requiring drivers to wear specialized equipment to deal with visibility at speeds over 185 mph.

Under the hood, this beautiful roadster contains Lamborghini’s new twelve-cylinder engine from the LP, which boasts a fire power of 700 horses and a displacement of 6.5 liters. The uniquely developed carbon-fiber and polmer construction material, nicknamed Carbonskin, also acts as a tool to increase fiber flexibility and conform to the diverse angles in the cockpit. The coolest feature we like about the car is the slick periscope-looking rear-view mirror that rises from the flowing hood basin. We’re not quite sure how it would work visibility wise, you know stig helmet and all, but really whose going to be looking back in a sweet car like this! The one and only Aventatdor J has already been sold around show time for the low cost of $2.76M. Here’s to next year!

Check out the great making of video below: