The modern supercar is capable of doing some truly super things. We’ve seen the Koenigsegg One:1 hit 240 miles per hour and a Tesla (alright, maybe that’s stretching the “supercar” definition) drag race a 737 airplane.

The feats have not been limited to the track. Despite being engineered to reach peak performance on asphalt, a Lamborghini Countach was transformed into an amphibious vehicle and we’ve seen crazy drivers hoon their exotic cars on snow and ice. But Estonian automotive design firm Rain Prisk created the ultimate supercar all-terrain mod. They put snow-crawling tracks on a Lamborghini Huracan. There are other custom features of the Huracan, like converting the back end into a hatchback and adding a rooftop gear box. But really the snowmobile-like tracks steal the show.

Can you imagine pulling up to the ski mountain in this thing? You wouldn’t even have to stop in the parking lot or wait in lift lines. You could just drive right up to the summit, step into your skis or snowboard and ride down. Of course, then you’d need to have someone drive your Snow-racan back down the mountain. But if you can afford this thing, we’d imagine you can also afford a butler to handle such things.

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