Only three Lamborghini Venenos were ever sold, originally going for about $4.5 million. One of them is now up for grabs, in part because of Japan’s Reckless International Prestige Car Dealership, for [a way-more-than-you-expected price tag of (a little more than) $11 million[(

A celebratory tribute to Lamborghini for its 50th anniversary, the Veneno had just about all the makings of the automaker’s Aventador, just with a whole lot wilder of an approach to the exterior. It also went for $4.5 million when it was first unleashed upon the world.

It’s a slick whip that tases eyes each time someone drops a gaze on it, but you could’ve bought two Venenos when they first came up for this new price. Still, it’s got enough wild curves to get someone on board.

H/T Road and Track

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