When I moved to LA, I lived in a not so nice part of town. My roommate and I were the first people to move in to a triplex. The next month, a Guatemalan family of 10, with 2 on the way, moved into the 3 bedroom downstairs. They brought with them 3 dogs, two of which died soon after and they just left the bodies on top of OUR trashcan, a LIVE peacock which lived in our carport, and pretty much every single fly in Los Angeles (due to them leaving trash and dog crap just laying out everywhere. I thought that was bad, but then I read what the [landlords on a reddit thread]((https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/4108n2/landlordsofredditwhowasyourworst_tenant/?sort=top) had to say. These folks had much worse stories.

1. Didn’t They Watch ‘Breaking Bad’?

We had a tenant who had a toilet drain break on the second floor and didn’t tell us, just stopped paying rent. Raw sewage broke through the first floor ceiling and pooled in the basement. It took us four months to get them out, and they left filth everywhere. The worst part: she was a social worker who specialized in teaching at-risk teens how to function in society.

2. Don’t Hear Many Stories About People Stealing Whole Houses

I have three tiny homes (fixed base, no wheels) and rent them out. I hadn’t received a check from one couple, couldn’t get them on the phone. I take a drive up there and it is gone. The home was disconnected form power and water and disconnected from the slab. Three weeks later, the cops found the home on the back of a flatbed three states away.

3. Never Rent to a Guy Who Keeps His Motorcycle Inside

The guy kept his motorcycle in the living room and it dripped oil on the carpet. He came home drunk a lot, so he drove the motorcycle into, and through, interior walls. He kept meat in the fridge just on the bare shelves, and that dripped too. He tore the bathroom sink off the wall. And he stopped paying rent.

4. What a Bunch of Dicks All Around

I rented an upstairs apartment. The downstairs people moved out the day I moved in. They locked the place up. They locked in seven fucking cats. I could hear them all day and night and I kept thinking they’d come back for them but they never did. I called the landlord and he was on the other side of the country. Told me to just let them die in there. No f#cking way. I kicked in the door on day three. Three ran, never to be seen again. Two went to my aunt, one to my friend, and I still have the one that jumped into my arms thanking me for rescuing her.

5. Now Here’s Someone Who Did Watch ‘Breaking Bad’

I accidentally rented to a guy that was cooking and selling meth out of the house. I didn’t realize the extent of it until I got a call from the neighbor across the street saying the front door of the house had been open for three days, and I should probably come check on the property. The tenant had vacated the home but left behind 10 trailer-loads of electronics in various states of disassembly, broken furniture, crack pipes, dirty needles, and rotting garbage piled 2-3 foot deep from the front of the house to the curb. There were also piles of dog waste where he locked up a dog in a back bedroom and a hole in the hardwood floor where the dog tried to dig an escape.

6. Hoarders are the Worst

There was an old lady tenant who lost it after her spouse passed and began to accumulate piles and piles of garbage and other disgusting refuse in the apartment. By the time she got evicted, the room became a small corridor surrounded by inner walls of stacked trash. A couple of doors were bursting under the pressure of garbage. The bathroom was covered with a foul black sludge. Eventually tried to call in the clean up company that was featured on those hoarding TV shows that were on at the time. Now get this: the company denied the job because it was so bad that it was unsafe. Eventually found guys who would do it, but they came in FULL HAZMAT GEAR and were still gagging underneath the masks.

7. What Was She Even Doing?

Had a lady steal a bunch of fire extinguishers from the building to sell. She also cut the cords of her stove and fridge, sliced her window screens, poured water on the floorboards and knocked holes in the walls. Fully subsidized, by the way, meaning our tax dollars paid her rent even though she was young and able bodied.

8. Junkies are Not Great Tenants

We had a tenant who was a 35-year-old crack head that gave out $5 blow jobs at the nearby gas station (which she was banned from). She was letting her boyfriend live in the unit with her and together they had 45 cats. No exaggeration. They were inbreeding them to sell as “pure breed Siamese” for $150 a cat to use for drugs. We called the local humane society and they removed 25 of them. We learned from another tenant in the building that they would shoot up heroin and that she had Hep C. After she was evicted we had to gut the whole unit and found multiple syringes. For the first week working in there we had to throw out our clothes because the urine smell was so intense.

9. This Guy Just Has Shitty Luck

Had a guy pull out a shotgun because he didn’t feel like paying rent that month. Had another guy pull out a handgun because he said he knew I wouldn’t “miscount” that way. Had another lady who happened to be an incredible hoarder. Three bedrooms, all rooms filled floor to ceiling with crap she never threw away. Had a small walkway going to her bed that literally had rat feces on it and a wild rat living in the room. I was doing a termite inspection letting the guy in when we got attacked by fleas.

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