Probably the biggest criticism to go around of 2012’s Tomb Raider reboot was that it included too few tombs, and not nearly enough raiding thereof. Rise of the Tomb Raider looks to change that, as highlighted in this latest trailer.

After showing off some ridiculous acrobatics, the trailer focuses on the thing people love about the Tomb Raider franchise: going into ancient places, then pillaging things the people buried in those places that thought they’d take with them to the afterlife. It looks like we’ll be seeing some of the interesting semi-paranormal artifacts that tend to show up in these games, as well.

Seems the plan with Rise of the Tomb Raider is to mix old school and new: it’ll return to the franchise’s titular roots, while also bringing the storytelling chops that made the reboot so interesting. And it looks like it’ll also have Lara Croft sneaking up on bad guys and totally murdering them like in the reboot. So the best of all worlds, really.