Halloween is the freakiest holiday—the most sexy and spooky celebration of them all. But some of us struggle with figuring out quick and easy costume ideas that don’t totally suck, euthanizing the entire spirit of the holiday before it even begins. (If you’re reading this post on Halloween day, that may include you.) I encourage all the procrastinators out there make the most out of even the most run-of-the-mill costumes by thinking about them as portals to the fetish scenarios of your dreams. Halloween is naughty by nature; why you shouldn’t you be too?

Forget trick or treating. Here are five kinks (and last-minute Halloween costumes that bring them to life) for the fetish-curious to play with this Halloween.


In masking, the sexuality and eroticism of the entire hookup is rooted in the desire for anonymity and the specificities of the masks involved. Masks can be worn by one partner or both and vary in size and style. Some purist mask fetishes wear masks that look like the faces of actual humans. Take it as far as you’d like.

Potential costumes: Any mask should do, but superheroes, masquerade ball guests, and Zoro work super well. Or take your freakiness to a post-apocaplyptic level with a sexy-scary gas mask.


Being the other woman can be a lot of fun. (Just ask Lana Del Rey.) But for those of you in a relationship, the idea of another man or woman in your lover’s life can be frightening—just scary enough to spice up your sex life this Halloween. After all, nothing cools the romantic fire (especially for women than familiarity.

Potential costumes: Just inverse yourself. There’s something eerily erotic about dressing up as just another “normal” person on Halloween. Get a wig, throw some contacts on and imagine identifying with a new subculture. All-American hottie? Go #healthgoth. Punk rock royalty? Prep-school yourself out. Be the yin to your own yang to help you partner come harder when you bang.


Some women get off on becoming babydolls and some men get off on babydolls. Dollification is the process of evolving into a living, breathing doll. This is a perfect fetish for people interested in transforming into an object (like a girly robot or sorts), and seeing themselves “in a dollific manner.” Like everything else to do with sex, dollification is about power. The goal isn’t to hurt or disrespect the doll, it’s to create a symbiotic relationship with the doll of your dreams. And if a guy wants to go there, there’s always Ken and GI Joe.

Potential costumes: Barbie, Raggedy Anne, American Girl characters, Polly Pocket, Ken, and GI Joe.


Pussy worship is a fetish that requires treating your partner’s vagina like the source of all life and the origin of all pleasure. This fetish is awesome because that’s true. In fact “worship my pussy” shouldn’t be a fetish, it should be a rule. A lot of guys respect vaginas, but few actually get on their knees and pray to clitorises. Guys, try it out this Halloween to bless your partner with a frighteningly good time.

Potential costumes: Shorthaired English cat, tiger, leopard, snow leopard, jaguar, Hello Kitty


Post-50 Shades of Grey, the BDSM acronym has gone hella mainstream. For those who haven’t been tied up in any dungeons yet, BDSM can stand for any combination of the following–bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism, and masochism. BDSM is about power, and contrary to popular belief, the non-dominant partaker in BDSM play is the individual who actually facilitates the entire experience. The submissive runs the show by communicating his or her consent, sexual preferences, and emotional expectations before the hookup begins. (That kind of communication is useful not just when we’re getting [choked] and [prodded])

Potential costumes (these work best with a friend): Nun / priest, CEO hoe / corporate bro, headmistress / principal, prison guard / jailbird, kidnapper / robber, judge, doctor (disciplinary check up, duh)