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10 Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts That Will Save Your Ass

10 Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts That Will Save Your Ass: 20th Century Fox

20th Century Fox

Mother’s Day is one of the hardest holidays to shop for because you’re on your own. Usually—and this is true no matter how old you are—your mom is there to offer guidance for important gift-buying occasions. That phone call to remind you that your dad’s birthday is coming up and that you got him a tie last year even though he’s retired, or the gentle counsel that getting your girlfriend a PS4 for Valentine’s Day might not be the best idea. Mom’s always there.

Except on Mother’s Day, when you’re left to your own devices. But that doesn’t give you a pass. You still need to get your mom an amazing Mother’s Day gift. This is the woman that put up with your crap as a baby, a kid, a teenager, and an adult. She deserves way more than drug store chocolates.

Hopefully, you already took care of your Mother’s Day weeks ago, but let’s not kid ourselves. So we put together this last-minute Mother’s Day gift guide. You may have to pay a little extra for shipping to make sure it arrives on time, but that’s a small price to pay to show your mom how much you care (and that you’re a better child than your sibling).

jo malone peony blush suede perfume

A cheap perfume—think whatever the female equivalent of Aqua Velva is—won’t cut it for mom. Jo Malone makes incredible fragrances and you’ll impress her with your knowledge of the brand. The peony and blush suede scent is an excellent choice for spring.

helen ficalora mom charm

$225 ($400 with chain),
No matter what you’ve done, your mother is still proud to be your mom. This charm is a simple and elegant way to show that. It is available in yellow, white, and pink gold (the pink gold is your best bet) and features a single diamond that is more class than bling.

smythson notebook

Moms still like to write things down on paper. (Be thankful, because it saves you from another call asking for tech support.) This sunny notebook from iconic British stationer Smythson is a great way for her to keep all her thoughts, lists, and doodles in one place. It is bound in textured leather and has gold-edged paper. And you can remind her to heed the “Live Love Laugh” message on the cover the next time you ask to borrow money.

twice the vice chocolate

Chocolate is a surefire Mother’s Day winner. But even chocolate can be improved—with booze. Twice The Vice makes chocolate truffles filled with delicious cocktails. Their Mother’s Day collection features a sampling of its Cosmopolitan, White Russian, Chocolate Martini, and Margarita truffles.

skin pima cotton robe

We’re not sure why moms are so drawn to robes, but they are. And this one from Skin is one that she’s sure to love. The pima cotton is ridiculously soft and it has two side pockets for holding tissues, because all moms have tissues.

mophie juice pack plus

By now, your mom has probably upgraded to an iPhone that she has a very limited idea of how to use. It’s also likely that she is forever concerned that the battery on it is going to die, starting to fret at 80%. With the Mophie Juice Pack Plus, she can finally calm down. The case provides 120% extra battery power for your phone and protects it against heavy falls. She will also appreciate that it comes in gold.

ftd white orchid

Flowers have been a Mother’s Day go-to since whenever it was that the holiday was invented. But the staid bouquet will be dead in a week. Instead go with something far more unique and beautiful like an orchid that can last for years with the proper care.

crate and barrel maribel frame

Why not give your mom a constant reminder of her greatest creation…you? This elegant stainless steel picture frame from Crate & Barrel holds 5x7 photos, which you can get printed at any drug store. Just don’t put a pic of you passed out with a goatee drawn on your face in the frame.


Prices/locations vary
For all that she deals with, your mom could use a good massage, not one of those cheapo Chinatown ones. Take a look on Yelp! or Foursquare or good ol’ fashioned Google to figure out what the best day spa is in your neighborhood and book your mom an hour-long session. Be sure to include the tip in your gift certificate so that your mom doesn’t have to pay for anything once she arrives.

once upon a time slim aarons

Slim Aarons captured the lives of the rich at play during a simpler, classier time. A photographs are an enjoyable peek into some of the most exclusive communities and locales. Your family life is probably nothing like that, but at least your mom can daydream a little while flipping through the pages.

Justin Tejada is a writer and editor based in New York City. Follow him on Twitter at @just_tejada.

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