Porsche is the latest in a series of luxury automakers to announce a sleek new electric concept car to rival Tesla’s groundbreaking Model S sedan. Unveiled in anticipation of this month’s Frankfurt Motor Show, Porsche’s Mission E concept promises more than 600 horsepower, 310 miles of electric range, and a 0-62 mph time of less than 3.5 seconds.

The Model E aspires to stats within range of Tesla Model S P90D’s “Ludicrous Mode”, which boasts a 2.8-second 0-60 time, 763-horsepower rating and 300-mile range. 

Porsche says their latest concept will use an 800-volt charging port and reach 80 percent battery capacity in just 15 minutes, compared to the world’s current charging champ, Tesla’s 400v Supercharger, which deliver an 80 percent charge to the Model S in about half an hour. 

While the Mission E’s interior looks like your typical Porsche, this car has some lofty goals: The concept’s cabin is operated by eye-tracking and gesture control. Not only does Porsche imagine cameras in the sports car will sense eye and body movement to adjust controls, the German manufacturer also included a holographic dashboard:

“[The holographic display] shows individually selectable apps, which are stacked in virtual space and arranged by priority with a three-dimensional effect. The driver—or passenger—can use these apps to touch-free control primary functions such as media, navigation, climate control, contacts and vehicle. The desired symbol is activated by gestures that are detected by sensors. A grasping gesture means select, while pulling means control. Moreover, driver or passenger can use a touch display on the centre console to control secondary functions such as detailed information menus.”

Don’t get too excited, though: at the end of the day, the Mission E is still a concept.