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‘Walking Dead’ Star Lauren Cohan Shows Off Her Incredible Zombie-Killing Physique

Shape Magazine is a magazine that I will never grace the cover of. It’s alright, I have come to terms with this fact. No need to console me or make me feel better. I’m more of a “Lumberjack Quarterly” or “I Swear I’m Not Homeless Weekly” type. I could easily grace the cover of “Are You Gonna Finish That? Magazine”. Shape Magazine, however, is an accolade that I’ll just never accomplish and that’s alright with me.

Lauren Cohan, on the other hand, now THAT is someone who belongs on the cover of Shape Magazine. In fact, she deserves to be on the cover of a whole lot of magazines but I’ll settle for just this one for the time being. It’s no wonder she’s in such good shape, since she’s been running from zombies all these years as Maggie Greene on the hit show The Walking Dead (to be 100% honest, I’ve only seen like two full episodes of that show and I’m just assuming that she runs from zombies a lot). When she isn’t appearing on your television screens, she clearly has been spending her time staying in shape, and Shape noticed (see what I did there?). Here are the awesome pictures of Lauren Cohan from the latest edition of Shape Magazine:

very excited to share my new @shape_magazine cover!

A photo posted by Lauren Cohan (@laurencohan) on

Lauren Cohan Shape Magazine 1

Shape Magazine

Lauren Cohan Shape Magazine 2

Shape Magazine

Lauren Cohan Shape Magazine 3

Shape Magazine

Lauren Cohan Shape Magazine 4

Shape Magazine

You can read all about Lauren’s favorite tips for staying fit over at Shape.

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