Lauren Elise is always on the go. Whether she’s shooting a new Playboy TV show, taking fencing lessons or wailing on the harmonica, our Cyber Girl of the Month prefers to keep busy. She’s so busy, in fact, that she doesn’t even own a television set. There’s no time for channel surfing in Lauren’s world. Lauren spared us some time to be this week’s Facetime interview. Be sure to check out her new September Cyber Girl of the Month pictorial, which, thankfully, she had enough time to pose for.

Myk Gamble: I love tattoos, so what’s so exhilarating about yours?Lauren: The only tattoo I have is the kiss on my left little butt cheek. I originally wanted my mom to kiss a piece of paper and get a tattoo of her lips because when I was young she always used to kiss me on my cheek before I went to bed and when I woke up I had this big bright red cherry bomb smack of lips on my face. It annoyed me because lipstick is just a bitch to wash off. So when I was 18 I wanted to get a tattoo of a kiss on my cheek because it’s my most memorable moment of my mom. But I couldn’t get a tattoo on my face so I was like, I only have one other cheek out there, so I chose to get a tattoo on my butt but my mom would not do it. She was not going to kiss a piece of paper so I could put it on my butt. Then people would think my mom kissed my ass. She was not going to go down in history for kissing my ass. So I used my own lips.

Koo Seng Boon: What design would you like best as a tattoo for yourself and your partner together?Lauren: I don’t think I would ever get another tattoo. I’m not a big tattoo person. But if someone wanted to get a tattoo together, I probably would just get another kiss. I’m obsessed with it.

Michael Wishoet: Since you are from Texas, who is your favorite college football team?Lauren: I’ve actually never had the pleasure of going to a college football game but my best friend goes to college over at SMU, so I would probably go support them because I love her and SMU rocks.

Michael Capasso: How did you get into Playboy?Lauren: Oh, that’s an intense story. My cousin dared me to go to an audition so I ended up going. She put me down for an audition. And I’m so nervous because I’m not an overexposed person at all. But I figured I could go try. You never know what could happen. Then the casting director for Playboy TV handed me his business card and he had an opportunity for me on a TV show. He contacted me three days later and said he had an opportunity in South America to be on a travel show. All in all I ended up going and being one of the four leads on the Playboy TV show Playboy Trip: Patagonia! I’ve been to South America with Playboy three different times. I just recently did a Playmate TV show, The Playmate’s Guide to the Universe, and I play the reporter. And I was Cyber Girl of the Week and now Cyber Girl of the Month and my career is just blossoming, all from a little dare from my cousin.

Randy Zalewski: What are your favorite things to do and what makes you happy?Lauren: I like to try a lot of new things. If I’m not trying anything new I’m probably not that happy. My birthday is tomorrow and my mom and dad are great, they always give me things to do for my birthday. So this birthday my mom signed me up for fencing lessons. I’ve had two lessons so far. They also got me in a martial arts class, which will start in a month. In my free time at home I’m a writer. I like to write books on poetry, romantic novels and I have a self published book so far. It’s called Cases of a Poet and it’s full of lyrics and sonnets and short stories. I’m also learning how to play the harmonica, which I could put in my back pocket and take everywhere. When I’m in waiting rooms I just don’t care about my surroundings so I sit there and play “Silent Night” on my harmonica, and people are looking at me so I just wear my sunglasses and pretend I don’t see anyone. So I do a lot of stuff. It’s probably impossible for me to sit at home and watch TV. I don’t even own a TV. I have an enormous computer, about 22 inches wide, and if I’m going to watch anything on my computer it’s probably going to be a Blu-ray or DVD of an old science-fiction movie or Dracula. I don’t watch TV at all. I don’t know anything about it.

Jacob Reinart: What is your favorite thing about Texas?Lauren: When they say everything is bigger in Texas, they’re not lying. Here, when you go out to eat, and say you order a bowl of queso, you’re going to get a crock pot full of queso. Same thing with the steak and the Tex Mex— oh geez, my favorite thing about Texas is our Tex Mex food. I’m addicted. The gym and I are best friends. And I also really love the sky. I’ve been living in California for six years and there has been so much smog and pollution in the air, you have to go to the beach to see a sunset or sunrise. I felt like I lived in a city with a blanket over it and being here in Texas, every single morning there’s this rainbow of colors and the ambiance is just amazing. And the Southern love would be another thing I like. Everyone here is so hospitable. The people just rock my world.

Vinny Mereles: Do you like to play video games?Lauren: I like to play Super Breakout on Atari. It has to be on Atari. If someone handed me an Xbox I wouldn’t know what to do. I also like to play Asteroid and Beatles Rock Band and I like to be the drummer. The Beatles are my favorite band of all time.

Erick Carpenter: What’s the biggest turning point in your life?Lauren: I would honestly have to say Playboy because it was the last thing I ever thought I would have done and it has been the best experience I’ve had in life so far. It’s opened a billion doors. I got to see the world. I lived in Italy for three months after Argentina. It just encouraged me to do a lot. I learned Italian. So I’d have to say Playboy.

Mike Shirk: Who are your favorite Texas country artists?Lauren: If someone was to ask me this question a year ago I would have said I liked all music except for country. But I have recently started liking it. I’m not familiar enough to say I have a favorite one but I do like the Dixie Chicks. But I’m interested in hearing more bands.

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