Gamer Next Door continues our coverage of all the awesome from Blizzcon 2013 as Cybergirl, StarCraft champ and beautiful blonde babe Lauren Elise brings you the highlights from the convention floor in Anaheim.

Lauren speaks to Blizzard’s Kat Hunter about the new releases premiering at the con and the geek-joy bliss of the fans getting their first look at the games on the floor. Next, she hits up StarCraft caster Ben Nichol to chat about the con and about the after-parties; watch as they get interrupted by a bunny-cosplaying babe who’s a little more gruesome than the Playboy bunnies Lauren’s used to. That’s not all on the cosplaying babe front, though; Lauren meets a variety of ravishing women in some very impressive costumes that you’ve got to check out.

We’ve got more Blizzcon coming your way, and in the meantime tweet Lauren @GamerNextDoor and tell her what new releases you’re most looking forward to. {“pbembedwidget”:“video”,“id”:“8974”}