There’s a new fragrance on the market that gives you the power(ful musk) of Vladimir Putin. Called “Leaders Number One,” the scent is being sold at a luxury department store in Moscow (and online) for 6,500 rubles ($95). While the concept of smelling like a world leader may sound like a gag gift, it absolutely isn’t, as its creator—Belarussian-born perfumer Vladislav Rekunov—explained to Reuters.

“The composition that we created was made to be warm and well-rounded, and I would call it ‘uniting.’ It’s not an aggressive scent, rather, it’s attractive, matter-of-fact, and natural.”

In actuality, it’s a blend of lemon, blackcurrant and fir cones, which is way more refreshing than what I assume most world leaders smell like—stress sweat and fleeting hope.