An UK-based online doctor and pharmacy called Dr Felix has released a fascinating series of infographics probing the question of which body parts people find sexiest. Finally, we can know if Reddit’s obsession with forearms is actual sexual attraction or simply internet whimsy.

First up is the overall preference straight men have toward females.

If the PAPER magazine cover of Kim Kardashian that allegedly broke the internet is any indication, we are indeed living in the butt era. But the posterior came in second place, with 18 percent of the votes, and the top spot was dedicated to something men often get accused of ignoring: the face. At a striking 46 percent, men ranked the face as the most attractive feature. Several more surprises are in store, with hair at 11 percent, another thing men often say they don’t notice. The remaining 26 percent was scattered across legs, breasts and stomach.

Next we have age stratification.

For men, as they age, preferences change but only slightly. The only true shift is that the interest in the bottom wanes, which could be explained by a multitude of factors. Perhaps as we get older we see fewer women wearing form-fitting pants and start to develop amnesia of what we were attracted to. As you can tell, that hypothesis was scientific AF.

As for males geographically, Nevada is seems to love itself some glutes, along with Montana. Vermont apparently loves progressive politics, syrup and mammaries. New Hampshire seems to like the whole package, and hair makes a solid showing in four other states.

But how does money affect all this?

According to male income levels, the results are remarkably homogenous. Apparently the upper-middle class bracket is the only one that differs notably, with the glutes showing out again. Maybe all the late-twenties stock brokers of the world adore the cheeks after too many viewings of The Wolf of Wall Street. Yes, that indeed was a joke about that opening sequence.

Buckle up boys. You are about to be schooled in just how complex female attraction is.

For women, the spread of most attractive feature is more diverse. First place goes to the pectorals, with the chest at 24 percent, then hair at 22 and arms at 19. Better start doing crunches, boys, because the “V-cut” shows out at 9 percent, and abs at 13. Take heed, my facially disadvantaged brothers: You are a trim and dumb bells away from being more attractive.

When women grow older, hair emerges as more important. This likely might be explained by the tendency of male pattern baldness that emerges as we age. Is this proof that you don’t know what you got until it’s gone? The more muscular features fade out with time, and the face remains. Women it seems are far more forgiving of bodily changes than men may be.

The geographical spread of preferences for women is shockingly more diverse than the male spread. Hair seems to be the most consistent, with the V-cut and chest also having a solid show out. In Alabama, the legs emerge unexpectedly. Lord knows what that could be about.

As for the female stratification of income, again the results were far more diverse than for males. The financial “job creators” of trickle-down economics with incomes of $150K and up love the abs. Just below that the chest, and then the upper-middle class loves the arms. The middle class seems to solidly show out for the chest again, with those below again loving the arms.

If anything, these results teach us that attraction is a complex thing. Take refuge that there are all kinds of ways to seem attractive, so don’t fret too much. Also remember that this only has to do with body parts, and not even the most important one. Although an after-school cliche, it matters what’s in your brain the most. You thought I was going to say “heart” weren’t you? Well, your heart doesn’t store the neurochemical transmitters that fire to make your personality, so take the sugar coating somewhere else.