Courtesy of Flickr user [Chi King](

Courtesy of Flickr user Chi King.

It’s time to fire your financial adviser and head over to Toys “R” Us.

According to a new report from the Telegraph, unopened Lego sets “kept in pristine condition” have appreciate by an average of 12 percent per year since 2000, with some specific sets rising in value by as much as 36 percent. Compared to the S&P 500, which has risen an average of only 4.2 percent per year, or the price of gold, which has risen around 9.6 percent annually, the classic building blocks seem like a pretty solid investment.

According to the Telegraph, the sharp rise in the value of Lego sets is due to high demand among collectors who use sites like eBay as a secondary market.

“The neat thing is that all sets are retired at some point, and several hundred are retired each year a movie run ends, a licence expires or the Lego company wants to refresh its range,” Ed Maciorowski, founder of, told the Telegraph. “That means anyone with a set at home – large or small, it doesn’t matter – could have quite an investment on their hands if it’s in good condition, as this stuff appreciates very well in value.”

Not surprisingly, the popularity of Star Wars is also helping to drive up the price of the Lego sets among collectors. According to the Telegraph, 10 of the 20 most expensive sets are Star Wars themed, with the Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon set fetching over $4,000 after initially selling for a retail price of just over $500.

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