So let’s all agree that your parents would be slightly terrified if this was your apartment.

Yes, this 258-square-foot lime green European dungeon is indeed an apartment and someone actually lives in it.

Photographer Christian Schallert did the impossible, and turned this Barcelona micro-space into an actual functioning apartment for one. By incorporating space-saving minimal furniture often found in boats, Schallert turned an eyesore into a really fucking cool space.

This is the best bachelor kitchen layout I’ve ever seen. Simply pressing on the cabinet doors reveals a double-burner, sink, countertop, dishwasher, microwave, fridge and a decently sized freezer. There’s even a pantry!

Yep, there’s also a dining room table for four.
There are also stairs that lead you to a badass terrace overlooking Barcelona that double as more seating for guests.

Schallert says the most amount of people he’s had over has been “up to 40.” Sorcery, I’m telling you. Watch the video and see for yourself how Schallert managed to accomplish this.