This bedazzled video is sure to bring back memories of grade-school art classes, maximized and filtered through an upbeat psychedelic lens. That direction comes from the perpetually controversial Girls impresario Lena Dunham. Dunham is Antonoff’s current girlfriend. She staged a flashy and strange wedding scene as the occasion for the above video. Arrested Development and Search Party star Alia Shawkat stars as the officiator of the bejeweled bonanza.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the kandi-pop laden album by Bleachers, Gone Now, is due to release on June 2nd. The song and its attendant sun-drenched video seem like sure summer hits. Although about heartbreak and getting beat down, it still wants to make you beat it to the beach. Their song with ‘Call Me Maybe’ pop diva Carly Rae Jepsen achieves more or less the same.

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