For two decades, George Clooney was Hollywood’s Bachelor King, taking over the role vacated by Warren Beatty in 1992 and dating beautiful woman after beautiful woman as he slowly transformed into an actor/activist/Silver Fox. Then, last year, Clooney married the immensely accomplished Amal Alamuddin, and the bachelor crown left his sexy, sexy head.

We could debate which movie star really deserved to take over Clooney’s title, but…come on, we all know it belongs to Leonardo DiCaprio. The 40-year-old star (who, like Clooney, devotes much of his time to philanthropy these days) has been romantically tied to everyone from Gisele Bundchen to Bar Refaeli to Blake Lively to Rihanna, but he’s never put a ring on it. Now, that might be changing.

According to a report from OK! Magazine published last week, DiCaprio proposed to his girlfriend, model Kelly Rohrbach, over an “intimate dinner” last month, and she said yes. So, if that report is to be believed, DiCaprio is finally, officially, off the market.

But is he really? As Complex notes, OK!’s report didn’t exactly generate much steam among other gossip publications, which could mean that those other publications are checking with their sources and coming up with nothing. So, maybe DiCaprio’s not engaged? Until something is officially announced, for all we know this is Schrodinger’s Engagement, just as likely to exist as it is to be total crap.

Still, if it’s true, that means Hollywood’s going to need another Bachelor King, so line up and place your bets.